Artist Statement


Curious by nature, I am fascinated with outcomes from using different materials and tools. I often paint with a goal or concept in mind. Sometimes the idea is to show tension, ambiguity or simply joy. Using line work, quick automatic strokes, blocks of color, and different painting tools, I work toward the goal in mind. My paintings are often complex, creating a first impression which leads to further examination and discovery. I find inspiration in travel, conversation, reading, and in the inconsequential.


I begin with acrylic ink to create a foundational organic structure. From that base, I add oil with a deliberate mindfulness to enhance the concept. It’s a wonderful, exploratory journey where surprises happen. I respond to the uncontrolled nature of the ink and ground the organic structure with hard geometric forms. I work with the rhythms as it dialogues with structure, negative and positive space.


Today, I am using a limited palette to explore the concept of individual and communal back story as well as liminal space, a time of transition and ultimately transformation.  Experience, memory, history and events often converge to influence thoughts, emotions and actions in real time. With this show, I make visible the weavings of past to present by addressing shape, suspension, and shadow – images that invite questions, commentary and community.